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COS Distribution Sdn Bhd | 
4,300 sqft

Design duration : 50 days                                                                  Completed : March 2018

Renovation duration : 75 days

Design Fees : RM15,000

Renovation budget : RM400,000.00 ( included loose furniture )

Project style : Minimalist Industrial + Contemporary 

Project location : Petaling Jaya , Ara Damansara

Property type : Commercial 2 Story Shop-lot  | 4,300 sqft

3D Perspective Views - GF

The client is the distributor of the HP copier in Malaysia. 
The ground floor is for office operation, and the first floor is for warehouse and repair jobs.  

The client wants to have a minimalist, industrial and contemporary style. 

The combination of black, grey, white, and light wood colors blended well. This mood created a professional working environment. 

The display cabinet in the director's room is to display his yearly award and golf tournament medal. Below the glass display area is a storage cabinet with a key lock. 

3D Perspective Views - 1F
Site Photo - Completed
office reception counter
office waiting area
office wiork space
office table design
open office design
open office idea
office glass partition
black mirror panel

The black mirror wall panel is the memo board, and the hidden door is there to access the washroom. 

The ceiling height is 12ft. Therefore all the tempered glass panels and swing door is particular order and extra thick. 

manager work desk
stainless steel pantry top
pantry seating
director room design
sofa in director room
office washroom
office toilet
Site Photo - Before | GF
Site Photo - Before | 1F
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